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Wellness and Illness Visit

Our highly experienced pediatricians are able to identify and treat common acute illnesses chronic conditions, getting to the root cause of your child’s symptoms, and providing effective treatments. In addition, they can consult on behavior issues and refer to the correct practitioner if necessary. They can also give the appropriate developmental screenings and immunizations for each age. They can also provide sport and school physicals if required.


When it comes to supporting your child’s development and growth we want to form a lasting partnership with you. Our pediatricians will take the time to get to know your parenting style and identify the family dynamics that are unique to your household. This will ensure they can offer the best possible advice and support. Our top priority is the health and emotional wellbeing of your child, so we look at all aspects of their life, including family relationships and home life. We want to foster an environment where you feel comfortable asking for help and guidance. Our specialists have years of experience and they are committed to helping you to make the right decisions for your child.


So, whatever you need advice on, from weaning, toilet training and coping with change; to vaccination decisions, dealing with everyday illnesses, such as colds and flu, and which dietary supplements to use, our pediatricians will be able to help.


Wellness visits encourage children to adopt and maintain healthy behaviour and lifestyles, which translates into decreased health risks, and fewer chronic diseases in the long run.

Studies have shown that children reaching puberty and accessing healthcare services express their concerns regarding confidentiality, limited healthcare services, unfavorable environment combined with the practitioner’s attitude and communication.

At La Familia Medical Center, we believe the recommended wellness visits are an essential and valuable medical benefit that primarily focus on preventative care and wellness of adolescents in a youth-friendly environment. The cost of wellness visits may be partially or sometimes completely covered by health insurance providers.

There’s no denying that wellbeing matters at any age, be it physical, mental or spiritual. But today, parents are more concerned than ever about improving the quality of their adolescents’ health. With this in mind our programs focus not only on physical health, but also on allowing adolescents to

  • Have the best quality of life of life possible
  • Mature without suffering from anxiety or depression
  • Improve their coping and problem-solving skills
  • Gain confidence and uplift their attitudes

Studies have also shown that the focus on mental wellness can help young children with self-regulation of intense emotions. This is why adolescent care also encompasses working in coordination with schools so that physical and resilience activities can be promoted among children of all ages. These activities help children strengthen their ability to cope with and recover from challenges and crises of their lives with the relief of skills and knowledge.


We recognize the practice of promoting healthy behaviours during adolescence. In line with our mission to protect young people from health challenges, our staff of adolescent care practitioners carefully designs and formulates adolescent care and wellness visit programs that help them in prevention of health issues in adulthood, and by inculcating constructive skills to thrive in their lives.

A wellness-visit program offers adolescents a range of services for the treatment of their mental health issues, drug and alcohol challenges, and sexual health problems. During the young child’s wellness visit, doctors deliver flexible and unique adolescent care services in a relaxed, comfortable, and friendly environment, and also work closely with multidisciplinary health practitioners.

Once your adolescent is here at La Familia Medical Center, the experienced staff will perform the following functions, document their findings and share them with the primary advisor:

  • Review the patient’s medical history
  • Assess disease risk factors such as smoking, obesity and hypertension
  • Review the patient’s medications
  • Perform preventative health screenings
  • Create a personalized prevention plan to keep the patient healthy

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