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Vascular Surgery

La Familia Medical Centre offers a range of the most up-to-date services to evaluate and treat varicose veins, including full office consultation and physical examination, Ultrasound investigation techniques, Echo-Doppler, Sclerotherapy and Radiofrequency ablation. We utilize the latest equipment and most modern techniques to treat varicose veins.

Vascular Surgery

Varicose veins are permanently dilated veins. Hereditary factors, pregnancy, severe trauma to the legs, long periods of standing or even heat and tight clothing that affects blood circulation, all cause patients to be predisposed to the condition.

Varicose veins are not only of cosmetic importance – they can bleed, cause pain, leg swelling, inflammation, skin hardening and breaks leading to a chronic wound called venous leg ulcer. Moreover, varicose veins, especially in the setting of excess body weight and obesity, increase the risk for venous thromboembolism (blood clots) which may be fatal.

We offer specialized varicose veins treatment in Dubai

We are providing effective and innovative treatment for cases of varicose veins.

Book an appointment today to get one of our medical experts to assess your varicose veins and identify a suitable method of treatment for you

• Screening of Lower Limb Venous System
• Venous Insufficiency
• Heavy Legs
• Swelling of the Lower Limbs
• Varicose Veins Treatment
• Radiofrequency ablation
• Echo-Doppler
• Vascular laser
• Foam Sclerotherapy


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