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Gum Depigmentation

Are your gums dark in color? Do you hide your smile because of the color of your gums???

Now a beautiful smile can be yours…..

You can get rid of the black or brown color of your gums and have pretty pink colored gums. This can be successfully done through the “Gum Depigmentation” treatment.

The darkness of gums can be due to excessive melanin pigmentation.

Gum Depigmentation service at lafamilia medical center

In this treatment the superficial pigmented layer of gums is removed which in few days is naturally replaced by healthy pink gums. Due to latest developments in dentistry you have better options where you can get this treatment done with the use of lasers.

This is especially effective for people whose dark color gums are visible when they smile thus spoiling the appearance of the face, making them conscious while speaking.

With the laser Gum Depigmentation now available, we treats the dark gum spots with a simple office procedure, using dental laser to target the areas of excess melanin for lightening. Melanin build-up can result from various causes, including:

  • Genetic factors
  • Smoking
  • Side effect of some medications
  • Silver fillings or crowns that can let tiny flakes of silver accumulate in the gums

The laser treatment process is quick and easy. Because there are no harsh chemicals or bleaches, the areas of the gum that are not darkened remain untouched. With laser light, the doctor gently lightens the dark spots. You can see quick improvements in the mirror at the end of the treatment immediately.