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Hijama & Cupping

A therapy used in Prophetic Medicine is called hijama, commonly referred to as “wet cupping.” Hijama is a means of treating and avoiding ailments, both physical and spiritual. Hijama is the term used to describe the process of sucking harmful and stagnant blood out of important bodily locations using a proper suction cup.

Cupping & Hijama

Why and How Does Hijama Works?

The heart and all of the body’s blood and lymphatic vessels make up the cardiovascular system. The body has around 60,000 miles of blood capillaries, and the heart works as a pump to move the blood through them. Blood is a complicated fluid made up of digested food particles, respiratory gases, oxygen being brought in, carbon dioxide being carried out, and protective and regulatory substances.

Techniques of cupping

is the practice of applying a suction to various body parts without making any incisions in order to collect the blood there.

is similar to dry cupping, but before putting the cups, oil is added to the skin to make it easier for the cups to move about. The blood may now move and reach all areas of the body thanks to this procedure. This is also known as “Massage Cupping” at times.

is the procedure of applying a suction at several strategic locations on the body while making tiny punctures to draw out “toxic” blood that is present just below the skin’s surface.

Wet cupping must only be administered by a certified Hijama practitioner. The Sunnah method of cupping is called “wet cupping,” which is regarded as Hijama. Wet cupping (Hijama) is the focus of Chicago Hijama, however dry cupping is also used.

Benefits Of Cupping & Hijama

Hijama has energizing and strengthening properties, therefore it effectively treats the following ailments:

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