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Otolaryngology | ENT Department

At La Familia Medical Center Dubai, our specialized ENT department focuses on addressing various conditions related to the ear, nose, and throat, as well as specific head and neck concerns in individuals of all ages. Our esteemed ENT experts prioritize patient care, aiming for optimal results while minimizing the associated costs. Within our team, we are proud to have Dr. Fatima, a qualified Consultant in ENT, who delivers top-notch integrated healthcare services for both kids and adults.

Our medical center has the capability to effectively treat both medically and surgically the most intricate conditions. Among the frequently encountered issues are sinusitis, tonsillitis, and various hearing disorders such as otosclerosis and glue ear syndrome. Our team of ENT doctors possesses the expertise to conduct  treatments and surgical procedures.



Audiology assessments: involve assessing the hearing capacity and gauging the pressure in the middle ear.
Minor procedures include removing fluid from the middle ear and placing grommets.
Advanced surgical interventions encompass ear drum grafting, reconstruction of middle ear ossicles, and mastoidectomy.


Common nasal surgeries, such as nasal septum correction and turbinates procedures.
Vidian neurectomy, a specialized operation performed in select centers in the Middle East, aimed at alleviating symptoms of nasal allergies like sneezing, congestion, and runny nose.
Functional endoscopic sinus surgery, a minimally invasive procedure that effectively treats and clears the sinuses using an endoscope.


Standard procedures involve removing adenoids and tonsils.
Surgery for vocal cord dysfunction.
Surgical interventions to address snoring through pharyngeal surgery.
Surgical procedures : salivary glands surgery.


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